We Need Facilities Equipped for 21st Century Learning

  • We need facilities that will support 21st century technology for instruction and education.
  • We need facilities that are more than tiny, separated concrete boxes. We need physical education spaces that support collaborative learning, which is essential for students to succeed in today’s world.
  • Revere High School was originally constructed in 1951 with additions done in 1956, 1963, 1967, 1970, 1982 (2x) and 1994. Those additions were made independently of each other and therefore the spaces are poorly integrated and don’t function well together. The majority of the building is over 30 years old, classrooms are small and there are safety concerns with entrances, etc.
  • The new high school will have a state-­of-the­ art, larger auditorium to meet the needs of and expand our extensive theater and musical arts programs.
  • Bath Elementary, built in 1923 with additions in 1952 and 1967, does not have access that meets federal requirements for the Americans with Disabilities Act, including appropriate auxiliary spaces such as a gym and auditorium. With a three­-story building and only a few rooms equipped with window air-conditioning units, it is extremely uncomfortable in the warm months, which stifles instruction. Infrastructure for HVAC and electrical systems is limited, classroom sizes are limited and there are foundation, roofing, window, masonry and wall issues.
  • Bath will be rebuilt north of the existing building. The district owns a total of 11.3 acres, including some wooded land. Some of the wooded area will be used for the new building. There also needs to be significant grading of the site. A new ball field will be built in the northwest corner.
  • The plan calls for partially renovating both Hillcrest and Revere Middle School with a focus on safety. There are two phases. The first phase, which would be funded by the bond issue, will address health and safety issues along with site needs such as parking lots. The second phase will occur at a later date yet to be determined. A second phase would require additional funding.
  • There will be a new bus garage as part of the plan, which is included in the Master Facilities Plan. The Board continues to put money aside to do this project with the express goal of reducing the bond amount and millage to be paid by the community in the future. Some of the money is saved, the remaining costs will come from the bond.
  • The district has basic layout drawings of the plans, which Superintendent Matt Montgomery shared during his State of the Schools address this spring. They can also be seen here. Full renderings of the proposed buildings will be completed when the bond issue is successful.

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