The Fiscally Responsible Solution

  • We must invest now in our deteriorating school building.
  • The cost is projected to be less than $8 a month per $100,000 home.
  • More efficient use of space. The current Revere High School is approximately 170,000 square feet with many poorly used locations/spaces. The new high school would be approximately 150,000 square feet, adjusting square footage to accommodate the student population.
  • Even with the successful passage of this bond issue, we will still have one of the lowest school tax rates in the county. Only Nordonia and Norton would have lower school tax rates.
  • The bond is a 4.1 mill, 30­-year bond, which will raise $68.2 million for the purpose of building a new high school and new Bath Elementary School while making renovations to Hillcrest Elementary and Revere Middle School. It is projected to only cost less than $8 a month per $100,000 home (appraised value on your Summit County Fiscal Office property card). Please note that the millage is only an estimate and final millage is not determined until the the bonds are actually sold, at which time the rate on the bonds is determined.
  • The district takes its responsibility to use taxpayers’ funds very seriously. The district spent a lot of time with our community committees to make sure we were being fiscally responsible for these projects. The rising costs to maintain and fix Bath Elementary and Revere High School are not cost-effective or fiscally responsible.
  • The Ohio Facilities Construction Commission  (OFCC) advises schools against renovation investments when those costs reach or exceed two-thirds of the cost of a new building. Both Bath and Revere High School are very near that figure. The following costs are based on the OFCC’s assessments and confirmed/updated with more detail by the district’s architects, Lesko Architecture.


High School:
Renovation Cost $22,448,411
Replace $35,280,720
Percentage 64%

***While this is beneath the two-thirds or 66%, it is important to know that the building isn’t functioning with its current layout on many levels, including for safety and security.

Bath Elementary:
Renovation Cost $11,779,332
Replace $15,241,095
Percentage 77%
  • District taxpayers successfully passed an operating levy in 2011. The 10-­year levy generates $4.88 million yearly. The money from that levy goes specifically to operational costs, which includes educating our students, employee costs and technology costs. The funds do not provide the money needed for substantial capital improvements. The bond monies would be dedicated solely to building new facilities and renovating existing facilities. Bond money cannot be used to fund the district’s operations, which includes salaries and benefits.

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