Vote Yes

  • The Revere School District is part of our community and part of our future. After an extensive community engagement process that spanned more than a year, the decision was made to invest in our deteriorating school buildings. This bond issue would raise $68.2 million over a 30 ­year period to build a new high school and new Bath Elementary School while making renovations to Hillcrest Elementary and Revere Middle School.
  • This is the fiscally responsible action. Just as you would never invest significant dollars into a car repair when the car is at the end of its usefulness, it just is not fiscally responsible to make huge investments into deteriorating school buildings that will soon need to be replaced anyway. Bond rates are also at historic lows, making this the perfect time for an investment in our future.
  • Having high ­quality schools that attract families also significantly impacts property values.
  • We also need facilities that support 21st century learning, which focuses on spaces that allow communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking to occur in robust ways. We also need buildings with enhanced safety features. The need for state-of-the-art facilities was a major concern for community members involved in the Strategic Planning process.
  • To protect our kids from modern threats, we need facilities that are safe. We need to provide a level of security that is consistent with other successful school districts (for example, creating vestibules in each building for added security).

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